Planning-based approaches for supporting sustainable landscape developmen

  • Christian Albert Leibniz University of Hannover, Institute of Environmental Planning, Herrenhaeuser Str. 2, 30419 Hannover, Germany
  • Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, 77 Massachusetts Ave. 9-330, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States
Keywords: Landscape planning, Sustainability science, Sustainable development, Transdisciplinarity, Transitions


Planning often yields only limited influence on policy making. This paper explores how planning could address this challenge and support most effectively transitions towards sustainable landscape change. In merging insights from sustainability science research and nine recently concluded case studies of landscape planning, the paper reflects upon the applicability of the concept of transition support, discusses planning approaches and their perceived effectiveness to induce change in landscape governance, and identifies lessons learned. The paper's outcomes include insights and potentially useful approaches that can be attributed to four emerging cross-cutting themes: approaches for (i) dealing with the high degree of complexity and uncertainty of landscape systems, (ii) integrating the various perspectives of experts, decision makers, and stakeholders in the assessment process (transdisciplinarity), (iii) enhancing policy influence, and (iv) initiating and sustaining learning and adaptive governance.

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Albert, C.; Vargas-Moreno, J. C. Planning-Based Approaches for Supporting Sustainable Landscape Developmen. LO 2010, 19, 1-9.
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