Transformation of rural-urban cultural landscapes in Europe: Integrating approaches from ecological, socio-economic and planning perspectives

  • Stephan Pauleit Munich Technical University, Strategic Landscape Planning and Management, Department of Ecology and Ecosystem Management, Hans-Carl von Carlowitz Platz 2, D-85350 Freising, Germany
  • Jürgen Breuste University of Salzburg, Department of Geography and Geology, Hellbrunnerstrasse 34, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
  • Salman Qureshi University of Karachi, Department of Geography, University Road, 75270 Karachi, Pakistan
  • Martina Sauerwein University of Hildesheim, Department of Geography, Marienburger Platz 22, 31141 Hildesheim, Germany
Keywords: Human ecology, Landscape dynamics, Landscape protection, Planning instruments and needs, Rural development, Urban ecology, Urban-rural relationships


This paper presents a review of the presentations and synthesis of the discussion during a Symposium on 'Transformation of rural-urban cultural landscapes in Europe: Integrating approaches from ecological, socio-economic and planning perspectives' held at the European IALE conference 2009 in Salzburg, Austria. The symposium addressed an extended and much debated subject of the landscape dynamics in Europe. The papers presented during the symposium showcased a broad spectrum of cutting edge research questions and challenges faced by the cultural landscapes of Europe. During six sessions, 18 presentations (besides 20 posters) were made by 36 scientists (including co-authors) from 14 countries, representing 25 institutions of Europe. A glance at the presentations revealed that the state-of-the-art focuses on driving forces and selected aspects of transformation processes, methods of its analysis and planning support as dimensions of research in this field. However, inter- and transdisciplinary research and integrative approaches to the development of rural-urban cultural landscapes are needed. The extended discussion session at the latter part of the symposium highlighted some critical and unaddressed research questions which remained a pending agenda for future research.

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Pauleit, S.; Breuste, J.; Qureshi, S.; Sauerwein, M. Transformation of Rural-Urban Cultural Landscapes in Europe: Integrating Approaches from Ecological, Socio-Economic and Planning Perspectives. LO 2010, 20, 1-10.
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